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Arai don't build helmets to meet any safety standards; they build them to exceed the standards. The foundation principles of protection formulated over three generations have never been forgotten in six decades of helmet design and manufacturing. Arai is a small, family company, driven by the same family with the same mission, through three generations - three generations of riders. We build your helmet by hand. We each have a specific job, yet all of us know every step that goes in to building it.

That is how we learn there are no minor parts to an Arai helmet, and there are not minor jobs here. We build each Arai helmet as if we're creating it for one of our own, a brother, a father, a husband, a sister. That is what makes every one of us Arai". Standards create minimum criteria, but, while many helmet makes design their helmets to meet those minimums, "good enough" has never been good enough at Arai.

Their standards are made for the real world, the world of distracted drivers, unpredictable situations, sharp angles - things that don't move when you hit them. A world you can't duplicate in a controlled, predictable testing laboratory environment. Auburn Store No: 02 MCA Arai Helmet categories. Join Now.These visors will fit the Tour X1,2,3,4 helmetsbut please note we do not fit top edge vent mouldings into the visor as per Tour X4 original visors. The visors are available in six options, clear, light smoke tint, gradient half tint, dark smoke tint, clear anti fog and light smoke tint antifog.

Please select which colour you require from the option list. The visors are all BSI approved and fully U. Made in the U. Tinted visors are recommended for daytime use only and are stamped as such as per the BSI standard requirement.

The visors are not pin lock ready, no pin lock pins fitted. This visor is supplied for circuit racing ,track day use, or use on private roads.

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tour x4 visor

Email: sales bobheathvisors. Bob Heath Visors Ltd. Registered in England No. Description These visors will fit the Tour X1,2,3,4 helmetsbut please note we do not fit top edge vent mouldings into the visor as per Tour X4 original visors. Item added to your shopping cart!

tour x4 visor

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Submit Reset.These are Genuine Arai Tour-X4 visors, They are different from the older tour-x visors in that they now have eye brow vents, although they will still fit the older models, we are an official Arai stockist and supply all visors that Arai produce. Please see below for details on the different visor options and Pinlock information.

Your Basket. Chat to an Expert. Awaiting connection to Support Agent Live Support. Click to send your message through to our live support opertor during business hours, 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday. Please enter your email address. Newsletter Sign Up. Sign up to receive news and promotional information. View Larger Image. Order in the next 20 Hours and 53 minutes for dispatch tomorrow. Arai Tour-X 4 XD4 Helmet Visor Shield These are Genuine Arai Tour-X4 visors, They are different from the older tour-x visors in that they now have eye brow vents, although they will still fit the older models, we are an official Arai stockist and supply all visors that Arai produce.

These antifog inserts can be purchased separately. A visor with the pins can be used with or without the antifog insert, ideal if you may want to fit the insert at a later date. The Visor is also fitted with Tear off posts, making the visor ready to accept tear off strips, ideal for during racing conditions. What is a Pinlock System? The Pinlock system is based on three basic principles: Moisture absorbing material — Unlike the visor, the Pinlock insert is made out of a soft, porous plastic.

Material thickness — Because thicker material absorbs more moisture and offers more impact protection. Double lens system — The air-tight pocket in between the Pinlock insert and the face shield creates an extra insulation layer further increasing the anti-fogging properties of the total system. Fogging up is a thing of the past!

Pinlock inserts are created out of a moisture absorbing plastic.

How To: Change the Arai XD-4 Face Shield - Motorcycle Superstore

The silicone seal on the insert creates an airtight pocket between the visor and insert. The Pinlock insert is placed between two adjustable eccentric pins, making it easy to install or switch inserts as weather conditions change. The Pinlock is a very flexible system, allowing you to switch the colour of your insert adjusting to changing weather conditions.

You can click one insert out and put the next one in. It is made of incredibly strong special polycarbonate, either thermo plastically heat formed or injection moulded.Through our close collaboration with Arai helmets, we have developed a wide selection of Pinlock anti-fog insert lenses for Arai helmet visors. Being one of the most in demand motorcycle helmet brand in the industry, Arai produces a wide range of motorcycle helmets to suit various types of riders.

The 10 Best Adventure Motorcycle Helmets of 2020

Finding the right Pinlock insert lens to fit a specific Arai helmet visor might be a bit of a challenge, as there are multiple visor options for one Arai helmet model.

The shape of each visor is different and therefore the Pinlock lens created for each visor type is different. Installing a lens which is not compatible with your visor will result in the lens not working properly. The Arai visors have a marking stamped in the corner of the visor, specifying which type it is. Another aspect to consider is whether the visor holds any pins to place the Pinlock between. If the visor has not pins or holes in it, there is no Pinlock option available. Please refer to the table below to see which Pinlock options are available and compatible for Arai visors.

We have added a Pinlock Lens Finder function to the Pinlock website, which gives a bigger and detailed overview of Pinlock insert lens compatibilities and options with our partner helmet visors. My Account.Hirotake Arai was a successful hat maker in Japan during the s. With no legal standards for helmets, and no manufacturers producing helmets anyway, it was hard to keep yourself adequately protected when going out for a ride and even a minor spill could be a life-threatening affair.

Hirotake was a problem solver though, and he set about designing and constructing helmets for him and his riding mates with the sole intention of keeping their noggins safe. The mark of true quality is when your name becomes a recognised description.

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When you set a benchmark that all others in your field strive to achieve. And, in the motorcycling world, Arai is now synonymous with high standards of quality and attention to detail; the premium of motorcycle helmets. Which leads us on to the adventure-styled Arai Tour-X 4.

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The bottom line is, the Tour-X 4 needs to perform exceptionally well to justify that price and convince you to cough up your hard-earned cash. A quick play with the various vents more on them later also gives the reassuring impression of premium quality.

The visor offers a vast field of vision and closes securely with a satisfying snap. It also comes Pinlock-ready with a Pinlock insert in the box, a touch which is much appreciated. The initial evident quality of the helmet is hardly surprisingly — Arai helmets are built almost entirely by hand.

Each takes around 18 man hours and passes five separate inspections before being boxed up for shipping. An unparalleled commitment to maintaining those lofty standards.

On the slightly superficial front, it also looks fantastic. Arai have really nailed the subtle styling of an adventure helmet with the Tour-X 4. The only complaint I have is that Arai use their more artistic colourways to stick a couple of larger logos on the sides of the helmet, alongside the standard one on the peak. Looking for your regular dose of travel inspiration, riding tips and gear reviews, without having to join the socially distanced queues on the high street?

Look no further. A membership to ABR digital library will ensure that every issue ever published of Adventure Bike Rider magazine is delivered directly to your phone, tablet or computer.

The digital version of the magazine is exactly the same as the print copy, with the added bonus of access to all previous issues of Adventure Bike Rider.

tour x4 visor

The 1. This snug fit, particularly around the lower part of your face, is provided by the Facial Contour System. Once again, the Arai Tour-X 4 excels in these areas. It boasts more ventilation than a chemistry lab, seven drawing air in at the front and six exhaust vents enabling a delightful breeze to run through the helmet on hotter days. The brow vents, located at the top of the visor, are particular favourites, helping to avoid the soggy fringe that usually accompanies a day riding in the sun.

Every vent is closeable should the temperature drop, while an extendable chin spoiler directs wind away from your neck. I still wear earplugs when I ride I do with all my helmets but the usual rushing wind at motorway speeds is muted enough for me to comfortably listen to a podcast or music over my intercom system.

Speaking of motorway riding, aerodynamically the helmet is stable and comfortable up to, and even beyond, legal speeds.RevZilla will match any advertised price on new merchandise available through another authorized U.

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Arai Tour X-4 Pinlock problems

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Filter 0. Clear All Apply. Clear All. Out of Stock. Open Box. RevZilla stocks Arai faceshields for all current-model full face Arai helmets.This article specifically looks at the best adventure bike helmets on the market today.

However, there are different types of motorcycle helmets that can be used for adventure bike travelling — each with their own pros and cons. The Klim Krios is a full face, peaked adventure helmet with a visor. You can switch the Krios between street remove the peakadventure use the peak and the visor and off-road leave the peak, remove the visor and use goggles instead.

The Shoei Hornet comes with three vents chin, forehead and rear exhausts. The visor and peak are both removable although not as quickly removable as its competitorshowever, the peak is not adjustable but still works brilliantly regardless.

The Arai Tour X4 is the daddy of adventure bike helmets.

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The Tour X4 comes with a new, tougher outer shell, a five-year warranty and Arai premium quality. The peak and visor are both removable although time consuming and not as easy as the competition and the X4 is goggle friendly. There are three vents in the chin, two for the forehead and two scoops on the top and exhausts at the rear. It comes with a pin-lock anti-fog insert included and both the visor and peak can be removed. As with most of the helmets in this list, the AGV has a removable and washable interior.

The AX-9, like the Klim Krios, is also an extremely light helmet and feels more like a motocross lid when compared to its competition. The chin bar is far more pronounced too allowing for way more air circulation. LS2 say that their Pioneer helmet was originally made for professional enduro and off-roading and this version is for road users.

The visor can be removed and it is also goggle friendly with the visor left on if needed. The LS2 Pioneer comes with plenty of vents and exhausts but only the chinbar can be closed.

Overall, the LS2 is a fantastic entry level adventure motorcycle helmet. The Bell MX-9 is an entry level adventure bike helmet that comes with a five-year warranty. The peak and visor are both removable, which makes for street, adventure or off-road use.

Yellow, black, white blue and yellow, red white and black, black and orange, red, grey, orange, blue and pink. The X. WED helmet from Nexx is a mid-range adventure motorcycle helmet.


It has a three-position upper vent, dual side intakes and a large chin intake. The Nexx is packed with features for a middle-weight lid. Just like the C3, the E1 is a modular flip-front helmet. The front face is lifted using an easy to reach button under the front chin. It has an easily removable peak and sun visor and an internal sun visor. The visor opening is just about wide enough to take a pair of small goggles. The E1 sits further towards the touring than off-roading side of lids, but is still an excellent choice.

The Shark Explore R helmet is the most road orientated helmet of this list.